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About the safety brakes should not blindly freeloaders

Author: source: Datetime: 2015-12-15 16:18:03
Brakes. As the name suggests, he certainly played a role can not be ignored in the vehicle during braking. So why are there so many vehicles because the brake pads out of the question? How should we take precautions it? Look at the reporter's investigation.
To understand the role of brakes, we have to start talking about the working principle of the brake system. Brake system, the driver is the most intuitive visible vehicle brake pedal, in addition, the main component further includes a brake master cylinder, brake booster vacuum pump, four wheel brake wheel cylinders and brake calipers and brake discs and brake pads. When the driver presses the brake pedal, the brake master cylinder piston will be pushed inside, and then transfer the oil pressure through the brake, the brake fluid pressure is transmitted through to the brake cylinder piston brake calipers, thus promoting the brakes clamp brake plate.
Difficult to see from the working principle of the brake system is a direct result of brake discs and brake friction brake pads. By friction between the two, the vehicle has the kinetic energy into heat energy, so as to achieve the purpose of the brake, brake pads can be said that the quality directly determines the braking performance of the vehicle. So, currently on the market to sell brake pads is how it classified? Auto Parts City, the reporter went to inquire about a lot.
Reporters found that the brakes on the market price ranging from tens to hundreds. And businesses in the sale are emphasizing the original and the deputy factory.
The merchants gave away one of the issues, the so-called original deputy factory, in fact, the difference between the genuine and the counterfeit. Apart from price differences, for quality differences, the business is well aware.
So, these price difference, the quality big difference applied brakes on the vehicle which will be the consequences of it? Two front brake pads can say exactly the same size and shape, but according to professional car repair master introduced, they are three times the price difference, according to the jargon, that is, there are deputy factory original points.
Just look at this set of brakes, reddish color of this piece is the master said deputy factory brakes. Due to the high content of metal debris, surface oxidation brakes have happened, redness of the substance is saying rust. Long-term use of such brakes, dangerous nature is self-evident.
It is understood that some of the non-formal manufacturers to reduce costs, production will be a substantial use of cheap metal debris. And manufacturers in order to ensure the regular brake performance, the materials used in the brake pad friction material proportioning special attention. So as to effectively avoid braking, brake failure or wheels from locking, steering wheel control, combustion occurs brakes caused a tire fire and other dangerous consequences. Visible, on the issue of brake pads can not save money.
Finally, you are prompted to, even proper maintenance, the front brakes of small passenger cars in general should also be replaced every 30000-40000 km, since the rear pad wear less than the front, the front panel are changed twice each, after the film should be replaced once . In addition, the current large variety of vehicles dashboard also has prompted flag.