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Ceramic brakes is the future trend of the domestic market to be nurturing

Author: source: Datetime: 2015-12-15 16:16:58
Ceramic friction material friction material of high-end products has already successfully developed, almost the same skills and abroad, and has been sold in the international market. But the ceramic friction material higher prices, the domestic market has not yet been cultivated.
Ceramic friction materials is the future development trend
In the field of friction materials, ceramic friction materials as a new breed, with no noise, no corrosion wheels, durable, environmental protection and other advantages. Japanese ceramic formula brake pads are brake pads companies in the 1990s successfully developed, was widely welcomed in Japan, North American automotive market, it has become the new darling of brake pads market.
Assistant General Manager of Shandong Gold Phoenix Group high book Feng told reporters that the company in 2004 successfully developed ceramic brakes technology, mainly for export, but gradually began to domestic OEMs supporting. Exports because foreign market demand and low prices of products, cost-effective, has a competitive advantage in foreign markets. In the domestic market, ceramic brakes as a new technology, costs 70% higher than normal brakes, the community's understanding of the lack of appropriate technology, the domestic OEMs do not endorse, promote more slowly. Traditional brakes with ceramic brake pads friction in different ways, in car design, assembly ceramic brakes car braking system must make the appropriate changes.
"The technology of domestic production time is very short, so now most of the models are not used. However, some of the new mid-range models start assembling the above ceramic brakes, which should be the future trend of development." GAO Shu Feng said.
Brake Material Co., Ltd. Shandong double move home, general manager Geng told reporters, ceramic friction material does have many advantages, Japanese and North American automotive market is now very widely used in Europe have begun to assemble new models ceramic brakes. Because of its high cost of raw materials, popularized in the domestic market is still relatively difficult. There is a domestic market acceptance and understanding of the process, with the increase of private cars, you may get more recognition, becoming a development trend in the future.
Minister Marketing Ltd. Dongying Xinyi Auto Parts St. Zhao believes that ceramic brakes are not widely used in China, first, because the price is high, and second, because some of the raw materials are defective. Ceramic materials are friction materials a new variety, it is a development trend in the future, but the short term is unlikely to replace traditional brakes. Currently, ceramic brakes are mainly used in high-end models, Japan and Korea and the North American market, fewer European cars assembled ceramic brake pads.
Domestic marketing hard for a reason
International market acceptance of ceramic friction material, accelerate the development of China's ceramic brake pads. At present, the mainstream brakes companies already have independent R & D and production capacity of high-end ceramic brake pads, and has been supporting some big foreign car manufacturers, and gradually enter the high-end market abroad. However, the domestic market has not been well developed.
Supporting the market in the country, only the brand's Japanese joint venture with the United States Department of cars use ceramic brakes relatively large, mostly European cars use low metallic brake pads, using its own brand cars are mostly semi-metallic brake pads. Aftermarket ceramic brakes very small, semi-metallic brake pads occupy most of the market share.
Tan Kang told reporters, ceramic friction materials in the domestic market have not been promoted for many reasons. First, the high price of ceramic friction materials, OEMs difficult to accept. Secondly, foreign noise, high environmental requirements, ceramic friction materials because no noise, durable, environmental protection, etc. in foreign favored, but no domestic requirements in this regard, consumer awareness in this area is relatively lacking. Development of the domestic automobile brake pads still in the focus on the braking effect and safety of the stage, there is no development to focus on comfort, environmental protection stage.
He said that the ceramic friction material is definitely the future trend of development, should be in the country to promote, to nurture the domestic market, the authorities should introduce appropriate policies. There are now only a few companies in it alone, some small businesses the definition of this technology are not quite sure in addition, it is impossible to produce high quality products. Business and industry associations should do more promotion, so that the community understand the advantages of this technology to improve awareness.