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Detailed three kinds of car brakes brake system will move toward electronic

Author: source: Datetime: 2015-12-16 12:04:46
Automobile brake really easy relationship with the lives and safety of the driver and the passenger. Reporter yesterday learned from the relevant car designers, now, the braking system in addition to being well-known citizen ABS, in some high-end car, ESP, EBS, EPB three brake system has been widely used in the future will be spread to all types of passenger car system.
EBS: ABS upgrade
EBS electronically controlled braking system, also known, is an upgrade from the ABS system, even on a fully loaded truck, the braking system can responsive.
Reporters learned that, after the car brakes were trampled to death, automobile tires are locked, the vehicle in half slide, half-rolling state, wants the car was completely stopped, using indirect brake is most effective manner. For example, the situation in the face of the bus, the driver hit the brakes frequently to prevent car tires from locking, endangering public safety. EBS system is to this man moves into electronic technology applied to automobile manufacturing.
EPB: handbrake lever becomes automatic handbrake
While driving conventional cars, many people forget to pull the hand brake after the car was found, so that the car's engine had to be high-intensity operation to the car to start. EPB system is to replace the traditional handbrake lever into electronic handbrake button.
After the launch vehicle electronic parking brake will automatically release lock brakes, ensure that the engine is not overloaded. In addition, the electronic parking brake also in the braking process, not because of the strength to pull the handbrake excessive damage to the handbrake system. In the daily parking, even stopped at the uphill sections, the system can also provide a low-speed traction control, vehicle stop on the slippery slope down.
Use the system in combination with the anti-theft system, it can also be connected with the electronic lock the phone after the theft can not open the hand brake system on their own, only when the electronic lock and the body to maintain a certain distance, to unlock.
ESP: high-speed cornering without roll
We often see in old movies, cars in high-speed driving, and suddenly a sharp turn causing the vehicle to roll. In fact, in our daily life, many cars are equipped with ESP traction control system, as long as the process of moving to maintain the speed, the ESP system will be automatically corrected.
It turned out that in the process of auto-speed cornering, the front wheels turn the steering wheel can be firmly in control, but the rear wheel drift phenomenon often occurs, drift action as "Initial D" appear in the movie, if the driver does not control good, very prone to car crash accident. ESP system when cornering, braking will slow the outside front wheel to stabilize the car, to ensure that the rear wheels during cornering can automatically correct the direction of travel.